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Landini 4 Series

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4 Series, uncompromising versatility

The 4 Series replaces both the Alpine and Technofarm models revolutionizing Landini’s low- and medium-power range with a new family of lightweight and powerful tractors that bring more productivity and versatility in the field. Available in both platform and cab versions, the 4 Series tractors are ideal for seed bed preparation activities, such as ploughing, tillage and harrowing, which require stability and strength, as well as for work between tight orchard rows, where agility is paramount.

The 4 Series models are offered in a variety of configurations - from entry-level to fully optioned-out – to meet customer’s specific needs.

Built to provide outstanding visibility and easy manoeuvrability, these tractors are equally perfect for forage harvesting activities and front loader operations, and ensure comfort and safety during high-speed road transport. The range comprises six models, all powered by new Deutz four-cylinder turbo engines with intercooler and common rail injection system. The 4-095 , 4-100 and 4-110 models feature 3.6L Tier 4 Interim engines with power outputs of 90hp, 99hp and 107hp, while the 4-070 , 4-080 and 4-090 models are equipped with advanced 2.9L engines meeting the Tier 4 Final emission regulations that deliver 69,5 hp , 75,2 hp and 88,4 hp. The 4 Series tractors feature an all-new transmission developed by Argo Tractors, rear planetary final drives and a front four-wheel drive axle with optional integral braking system.

Total View SLIM CAB for unmatched visibility and comfort

Designed to offer best-in-class operator comfort, the cab of the 4 Series tractors has an automotive-style interior with ergonomically arranged controls providing a safe and stress-free working environment for long hours in the field. Featuring a four-post design with a flat-deck platform and rear hinged doors, the ‘Total View Slim” cab offers easy access to the driver’s seat and unmatched all-round visibility. In addition, the slim profile of the roof panel reduces the tractor overall height. The driving position with multiple adjustments can be optionally equipped with an air suspension seat. The telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel tilts with the instrument panel. The main controls are conveniently integrated into the right-hand console for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The filters of the air-conditioning are located in the rear posts to allow easy cleaning. The opening front and rear windscreens ensure excellent natural ventilation, while a fully opening transparent roof hatch provides extra visibility for loader operations. The version with iso-mounted platform is equally comfortable and ergonomically designed as the cab version. Both the cab and platform versions can be optionally equipped with narrow fenders and slim-profile tires to reduce tractor width to 1750 mm for better manoeuvrability between tight vineyard and orchard rows.






4 Series
Sale Type
69.5, 75.2, 88.4 90, 99, 107
2,9 / 4 3,6 / 4
Synchro Shuttle,Power Shuttle,Power Shift
  4-070 T4 Final 4-080 T4 Final 4-090 T4i 4-095 T4i 4-100 T4i 4-110 T4i
MAX ENGINE POWER ISO  HP/KW 70.1 / 51.1 75.2/ 55 88.4 / 65 90 / 66 99 / 73 107 / 78,5
RATED ENGINE POWER (ISO RATING)  HP/kW 68 / 50 75.2 / 55 75 / 55 85 / 62,5 94,5 / 69,5 101 / 74,4
MAX TORQUE   NM 272 375 378 358 397 420
NO. OF CYLINDERS/DISPLACEMENT cm³ 4 TA/2900  4 TA/2900 4 TA/2900  4TA/3600  4TA/3600  4TA/3600
dimensions and weights
  4-070  4-080  4-090 4-095 4-100 4-110
A-WHEELBASE  mm 2100 2100 2100 2230 2230 2230
B-MIN WIDTH mm 1750 1750 1750 1750 1750 1750
C-TOTAL LENGHT WITH BALLAST WEIGHTS mm 4182 4182 4182 4321 4321 4321
D-HEIGHT OVER CAB mm 2447-2497 2447-2497 2447-2497 2507-2582 2507-2582 2507-2582
E-MAX GROUND CLEARANCE mm 350-400 350-400 350-400 375-450 375-450 375-450
TOTAL WEIGHT WITHOUT BALLAST WEIGHTS (IN RUNNING ORDER) PLAT/CAB Kg 2800 / 3000 2800 / 3000 2800 / 3000 3300 / 3500 3300 / 3500 3300 / 3500
new deutz c4dt series engines

The six models of the 4 Series are powered by the new Deutz C4DT four-cylinder turbo engines with two-valve technology, intercooler and electronic common rail injection system. The highly- efficient Deutz common rail injection system provides more power, higher torque backup and better fuel economy, resulting in great flexibility of use. An innovative exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) allows these engines to meet Tier 4 Interim emission regulations without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), thus eliminating the need for a regeneration process. The engines that power the 4 Series come in two displacements and six power ratings. The three more powerful models feature 3.6 L engines with maximum power outputs of 90 hp, 99 hp and 107 hp, while the two lower power models are equipped with 2.9 L engines that deliver up to 69,5 and 75,2hp. The 90 model features 2.9 L engines Tier 4 Interim with 88 hp. Fully redesigned to reflect the new Landini family styling, the hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance and to allow easy cleaning of coolers in dusty conditions.





high-performance hydraulics and versatile remote valves

Featuring two independent pumps, one feeding the steering system and the other operating all hydraulic functions, the 4 Series is available with either a standard hydraulic system that delivers a flow rate of 32+44 l/min or a highcapacity hydraulic system with a flow rate of 32+57 l/m. The models with 2.9L engine are only available with a double pump providing 28+49 l/min. The system comes standard with two remote valves which can be optionally increased to five, of which three are rear- and two are mid-mounted. Midmount remote valves are controlled by a joystick to operate either a front hitch or a front loader. Available as an option is a flow divider which can be operated via the green button integrated into the lever of the remote valve that controls the hydraulic lift rod or the top link. The high-quality quickrelease couplings, mounted on both the front and rear of the tractor, are easily accessible for convenient and fast operation.





mechanical speed four or electroidraulic power four transmission hi-lo powershift

Mechanical Speed Four or electroidraulic Power Four transmission (HI-LO Powershift)

The 4 Series tractors feature a versatile modular transmission (Speed Four) with four synchronized gears in three ranges offering 12 speeds forward and 12 reverse. The basic gearbox is offered in a 30 km/h configuration on the 2WD models and with the addition of a creep gearbox option provides up to 16 +16 speeds. On the 4WD version, the basic gearbox can be combined with the Power Four transmission, a hydraulic Hi-Lo gear splitter that allows the operator to either increase or reduce the selected speed by up to 18%, thereby obtaining 24 speeds forward and reverse at 40 Km/h. Available with this package is an Eco Forty mode that allows 40 km/h to be reached at 1900 rpm, resulting in increased fuel economy and lower noise during road transport. A creep speed unit with 32 forward and 32 reverse gears and speeds as low as 300 m/h is available as an option. The transmission incorporates as standard a synchro shuttle or, optionally, an electro-hydraulic power shuttle with control lever adjacent to the steering wheel. A shuttle modulation control (potentiometer) allows the power shuttle response to be adjusted to suit implement used and soil conditions. The Power Four transmission also features a declutch control (orange button integrated into the gearshift lever) which, used in conjunction with the reverse power shuttle, allows the operator to easily shift through the gears and change from forward to reverse without using the clutch pedal.