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Landini REX4 V

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Rex 4 V undisputed king of the Vineyard

New styling, new components and new features make the new “REX 4” V series a much wider choice of models for all specialist tasks. As well as the three versions for orchards, F, GT, GE, also for the V Series, there are numerous variants and options allowing customers to optimize their choice to suit their requirements and ensure low cost of ownership during its working life. All models of Rex4 V series will be available with a modern and functional air conditioned cab, in which operators can work in safety and comfort. The tractors stylish new look and entirely redesigned cab provide the operator with a new working environment, offering improved vision, more functionality and more precise controls that make front or rear implement operation easier and quicker and, true to form, extremely high-levels of finish ensure the utmost in comfort. When used for spraying operations, the cab is also available with Protection class 4, guaranteeing total protection for the operator in a pressurized environment monitored by sensors.

V model for vineyards: specially designed to operate between vineyard rows.

Vineyard versions can be specified with a high-pivot rigid-mounted front axle with increased swing to better negotiate uneven terrain. This axle is available in two versions: standard and narrow. The narrow version has a minimum overall width of 1000 mm.

LOUNGE Cab: all-round visibility and first-class comfort

The interior of the Lounge cab is inspired by the automotive industry to offer the operator a more comfortable driving and working environment. Inside the cab, you have everything under control and within reach. The digital instrument panel keeps you constantly informed on the tractor performance; the telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel is designed to tilt with the instrument panel; the joystick and all control levers and pedals are ergonomically positioned for maximum ease of operation; the driver’s air suspension seat provides maximum seating comfort. All these creature comforts reduce the operator’s fatigue and allow greater concentration on the job in hand, resulting in increased productivity





Sale Type
70, 76, 90, 95, 102
2,9 / 4
Speed Four, Synchro Shuttle
  REX 4-070 V REX 4-080 V REX 4-090 V REX 4-100 V REX 4-110 V
Deutz Stage 3B/Tier 4 Interim 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4
Max. power (ISO) [HP/kW] 70/52 76/56 90/66 95/70 102/75  
Max. torque [Nm] 272 300 378 400 410  
Displacement/N° of cylinders cm3 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA
dimensions and weights
  REX 4-070 V REX 4-080 V REX 4-90 V REX 4-100 V REX 4-110 V
Min. Width mm 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000  
Wheelbase 4WD mm 2140 2140 2140 2140 2140  
Weight 4WD Without weights  Kg 2800 2800 2800 2800 2800
engines deutz tier 4 interim

Engines Deutz Tier 4 interim


The innovations incorporated into the REX 4 V Series start with the engine, a performance-oriented, reliable 4-cylinder 2.9-liter Deutz Stage 3B (TCD L4) equipped with DOC. An Engine Memo Switch can memorize the engine speed for operator convenience. Maximum power is developed at 2200 rpm and ranges from 70 HP to 102 HP with up to 5 models per version.

transmission made in argo tractors

Transmission made in Argo Tractors


Argo Tractors produce the new transmission, with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle, 4 speed gears and 3 ranges to which two options can be added: Hi-Lo and High-Medium-Low, and finally creeper. Models can be 2 or 4 wheel drive. The new REX 4 V Series offers a wide choice of power take-offs either mechanical or hydraulic versions, depending on the transmission, and with two or four speed (540, 540 Eco, 1000 and 1000 Eco).
innovative hydraulic system for maximum flexibility

Innovative hydraulic system for maximum flexibility


The REX4 comes with a variety of hydraulic options and configurations to offer farmers tailored solutions for their applications. The hydraulic system of the REX4 range comes standard with a double pump that supplies 50 l/min to the rear hitch and remotes and 28 l/min to the steering system. Optionally, it can be equipped with a triple pump that provides a flow rate of 44+41+28 l/m to operate, respectively, the rear hitch and remotes, the front remotes and the steering system. The tractor can be equipped with up to seven remote valves, four at the rear and three at the front. Available options include three electrohydraulic front remotes, a flow selector to control multiple outlets with a single control and a flow divider to regulate the flow rate to the remotes. The V models can be equipped with rear hydraulic stabilizers which control opening and closing of the lower links via two simple push-buttons. This function can be useful when attaching implements or when hitch adjustment during inter-row operation is required.